This page describes on how to add your own games to the gamepack.

BlueMSX-wii needs a directory structure on your SD-card. Games are stored under SD:/MSX/Games/

In this folder, there should be a dirlist.xml OR gamelist.xml, only one of these files may be present.

  • The contents of dirlist.xml

as an example, I will take the contents of the dirlist in the gamepack which is installed with the application

  <Item Name="MSX1 Demos" Directory="MSX1Demos"/>
  <Item Name="MSX2 Demos" Directory="MSX2Demos"/>
  <Item Name="Remakes" Directory="Remakes"/>
  <Item Name="MSXDev '08" Directory="MSXDev08"/>
  <Item Name="MSX Machines" Directory="Machines"/>

The "Name" items specify the name as shown in the emulator, the Directory is the directory on the SD-card. Please keep in mind that the filesystem on the wii is case sensitive, and thus these need to be specified correctly.

Each directory can have other dirlist.xml files.

  • The contents of gamelist.xml

  <Game Title="01 Deep Dungeon">
    <CommandLine>/machineMSX /rom1 /rom1zip 01-DDUNGEON.ROM</CommandLine>
  <Game Title="02 I Need Speed">
  <CommandLine>/machine MSX /rom1 /rom1zip 02-ineedspeed.rom</CommandLine>
    <Settings KeyboardJoystick="true"/>

A game element should always specify the Title, which is the name that is shown in the emulator.

  • Commandline

The CommandLine specifies settings to start the emulator, it basically specifies the machine, disks, roms and cassettes.
It is possible to specify the following:
/machine MSX
/machine MSX2
/machine MSX2+
/machine "MSX2 - No Moonsound" (default)
/machine MSXturboR
These machines are the most commonly used machines, the MSX and MSX2 are european, MSX2+ is japanese
It is possible to supply any machine available in the SD:/MSX/Machines/ folder.
NOTE1: Filenames with spaces need to be double quoted, otherwise the XML file is invalid
NOTE2: Default machine is without moonsound because it adds noticable loading time. If a game supports moonsound, use /machine MSX2.

To load roms:
/rom1 or file. (rom, ri, mx1, mx2, col, sg, sc)
/rom1zip file.rom (necessary when you have multiple rom files in your zip, makes it possible to disk-change using a hotkey (default key = F11))
/romtype1 name (most of the romtypes are autodetected, if it is not working you need to specify the romtype, see list of romtypes below)

To load disks:
/diskA or file. (dsk, di1, di2, 360, 720, Sf7)
/diskAzip (necessary when you have multiple rom files in your zip, makes it possible to disk-change using a hotkey (default key = F11))

To load cassettes:
/cas or file.cas

To make things extra clear, an example:
<CommandLine>/machine MSX2 /diskA /diskAzip Magnar-1.dsk</CommandLine>

  • Settings

The Settings element can only have the attribute KeyboardJoystick="true", to map WiiMote 1 as keyboard control and WiiMote 2 as joystick 1. More about this mapping can be found in the guide "Customizing controller buttons"

  • KeyMap

Not shown, but also possible is a KeyMap element, to customize the controller buttons, read the guide "Customizing controller buttons" for more information.

  • Screenshot

The Screenshot elements specify which screenshots are shown when the game is selected in the emulator. The maximum number of screenshots specified is 2. Screenshots can be generated via the home-menu, when running the games.
For these screenshots, there must be a folder named "Screenshots" (don't forget the capital).

  • List of available romtypes:


System roms:

SG-1000 roms:

Romtypes unsupported by media database: