* Fixed USB keyboard that did not work anymore in V1.0.2
* Added USB 2.0 support (when running IOS58). It now is possible to install on fast USB 2.0 storage device (which can de faster than an SD-Card).
* Updated libogc package to r4264.


* Updated devkitPPC (R21) and libogc (1.8.3)
* Fixed vertical offset bug on NTSC wiis.
* Fixed glitches in sound playback.
* Improved audio, pause instead of hick on changing disks.
* Reduced average audio lag from 85ms to 21ms, about the same as video lag now.
* Greatly improved audio frequency stability.
* Fixed issue with button mapping introduced in V1.0.1.
* Gui coordinate fixes, not correctly centered since V1.0.1.
* Small update in build-in gamepack.


* Fixed display problem (black screen) on some Wii's, more accurate scaling/centering on all Wii's.
* Key mapping of numeric keys does not work
* Feature: Make buttons of different controllers separately mappable


* Updated to BlueMSX V2.8.2.
* Added full support for GameCube controller.
* Fixed problems with 'save state'. Also improved speed of saving a lot.
* Allow empty screenshot elements in gamelist.xml files (did crash before).
* Missing 'Screenshots' sub directories are now automatically created (on generating screenshot).
* Solved showing wrong day of state files.
* Embedded game pack will only be installed when no game pack is already installed.


* First public release